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While surgical implants are an option, more women are searching for a way to increase breast size naturally.  They realize that augmentation surgery contains many risks and complications, and are often not willing to take that chance.

Self-confidence and self-esteem are often affected by a small bust.  Women tend to feel inadequate, and may even suffer from despression.  Breast enhancement through implants is quite popular, but there are many negatives to consider including health complications, astronomical costs, repeat procedures and less than attractive results.

Due to the risks and expense of surgical breast enhancement, many supplements and pills have been introduced to the market to help increase bust size naturally, without implants which can often look fake.  Many of the products that were available in the market place in the early years were simply ineffective, but in recent years there have been several products that have produced dramatic results.

A few of the most promising supplements are
herbal breast enhancers that increase breast size with natural ingredients that stimulate the growth of mammary tissue.  These products contain special herbal ingredients like fennel seed, fenugreek, kelp and dong quai that contain phytoestrogens, similar to the estrogen naturally found in a woman's body.  This phytoestrogen binds to receptors in the mammary gland and trigger growth of the breast tissue.

As with most things, individual results vary with natural supplements.  Some women may not increase breast size to the same extent as another woman's experience, however if the alternative is risky surgery it is certainly an effective way ton increase breast size naturally!  Due to the fact that superior quality natural enhancement formulations are made of a blend of herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals, there are generally no unwanted side effects and the health benefits offered by the ingredients go further than just helping you achieve bigger breasts.

Many women actually prefer a smaller bust, as do many men.  For those who are not satisfied with their body or want a boost in self-confidence, natural enhancement products are a safe, effective way to increase bust size and a superior alternative to costly breast implant surgery.

Before you make a choice regarding the best way to enhance your breasts, be sure to speak with your doctor.  He or she can discuss all options so that you can make an intelligent, informed decision.